Compass E Learning Platform: 
A Bit of Context:
Lighthouse Labs is educational institution focusing on empowering people through code with part-time and full time programs. With 7 locations across Canada, Lighthouse Labs has created a learning platform that helps students guide them through the curriculum. The current ECM ( Education Content Management) was completely built by teachers/Alumnis. With the platform becoming a huge part of student success a reassessment of UI & UX was needed.

Business Objectives: 
Engagement to Advocacy. To create a seamless transition from interest of coding through tutorials to a full-time student ready to be employed after graduation. 

User Objective:
A tool to help guide them to becoming a better software developer by understanding the curriculum and the other activities required in a fast pace bootcamp environment.

Phase 1: Discovery
- Using Mouseflow to watch students interaction with the app.
- Interviews with prospect, current and graduate students. Activities include card sorting and understanding current struggles through their journey.

Schedule User Flow
*Snapshot of the user flow of one of the most used pages*
user goals: 
1.To understand what task they need to complete that day.
2. To complete the day task.
user pain point:
1. Jumping back and forth through assignments
Pain Points on Schedule
Common pain point was the complexity of moving through the students daily task as they would need to jump back to the schedule to continue to the next activity.
*example below shows when a student is finished completing a work activity they would have to navigate back to Today Schedule to continue onto the next task.*

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